Healthcare of Tomorrow National Leadership Conference

Nov. 17-19, 2019
Washington, D.C.

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Commentary: Health Care and Inequality

Addressing inequality in health care around the world will require leveraging technology in new ways and acknowledging social determinants of health.

Kaveh Safavi June 28, 2019

Commentary: Push for Person-Centered Care

Patient advocacy groups are calling for health care equity as Congress continues to focus on dismantling the Affordable Care Act.

Mary Heitschmidt June 12, 2019

Lessons From the 2009 Flu Pandemic

Health officials are better prepared to fight flu now, thanks to hard lessons learned when the swine-flu pandemic hit in 2009.

Steve Sternberg June 11, 2019

Commentary: Importing Prescription Drugs Won’t Solve Cost Issues

Importing drugs from Canada and other countries won’t keep costs down -- and may put consumer safety at risk.

Holly Strom and Kenneth Schell May 28, 2019

Commentary: A Huge Leap for Nanomedicine

A collaboration between Cleveland Clinic and Hebrew University provides advances in nanotechnology.

D. Geoffrey Vince April 30, 2019

Commentary: What Ails Medicare-for-All

There is an alternative to both Obamacare and Medicare-for-All.

Edward Eichhorn and Michael Hutchinson April 26, 2019

Commentary: Gene Therapy Still Risky

In the race to improve healthcare in America, we need to maintain checks and balances as we consider new treatments.

Tom Price April 10, 2019

Telehealth Continues Growth

A new analysis shows where patients are seeking care amid a changing clinical landscape.

Robin Gelburd April 2, 2019

Commentary: #MeToo for Healthcare

The initiative promises to advocate for female patients and practitioners in the health care industry, but needs hospitals to commit to it.

Sameena Rahman March 27, 2019

Commentary: We Should Regulate Kratom

The botanical is categorized as a novel psychoactive substance, and instances of adverse medical outcomes are on the rise.

Dessa Bergen-Cico March 15, 2019

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Healthcare of Tomorrow

WATCH: Opening Keynote on Population Health

Healthcare of Tomorrow

WATCH: Day 2 Keynote on Dealing With Mass Casualties

Healthcare of Tomorrow

WATCH: Closing Keynote on Opioid Addiction

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